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Raise your hand if you really like(d) The Field Mice.

Okay, now keep it up if you think the Pastels and the Vaselines are/were adorable and enjoy subjecting your significant other to “Truckload of Trouble” on long car rides.
Two hands up if you sing along.

Okay, good…

Now keep your hands up if you actually went out and laid down cash money for the Galaxie 500 box set of crappy Mid East up footage.

If your hand is still up you need to go buy The Pains of Being Pure at Hearts “Higher Than the Stars” on September 22nd – and I’m guessing that if you were raising your hands so hard and excitedly at the mentions of those adorable bands you’ll tweak over their Stuart Murdoch-esque cover art as well.


Higher Thanthe Stars

Remember to breathe!

They kick off their tour September 5th at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge.


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In my wee pre-“indie” years from about 1989 to 1994 I was on the border of being unhealthily obsessed with the label 4AD. I fanatically admired their aesthetic, their catalog, Wolfgang Press’s cover of “Mama Told Me Not To Come”. These folks, after all, made such albums possible as The Pixies – Doolittle, Lush – Split, Throwing Muses – The Real Ramona, and The The – Burning Blue Soul and on and on and on.

If you think you’re new to 4AD, or not totally familiar with their work, you’re probably wrong – check out their recent catalog and noteworthy releases – it’ll blow your mind

But then my love for 4AD faded … occasionally events like the signing of M Ward or Camera Obscura to recording or distribution deals had me applauding politely on the inside inside hoping that 4AD would again become the force that molded young music minded minds with their eclectic and fascinating acts…and then, The Big Pink happened, boasting the auditory grandeur of the 4AD heyday. Even old stand by visual genius, Vaughan Oliver, the graphic designer for such albums as Modern Englishes “After The Snow” and The Pixies’ “Doolittle” is responsible for their cover art. Also?, co-mixed by Alan Moulder late of Creation Records (JAMC producer… Ride and My Bloody Valentine mixing fame! :dies:) (also mixed by Rich Costey, who’s done some Interpol stuff and maybe some other stuff- but ALAN MOULDER YAY!)

Current video obsessions “Too Young To Love”

and “Velvet”

Current song obsession is available via their website – “Dominos”

Their debut album “A Brief History of Love” releases in the U.S. September 15th…get excited.

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