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HUGE food day here at the Limits of Science. So huge, in fact, we’ve decided to make food (eating out and cooking) part of our regular programming. Don’t believe us? Look at our tagline; taglines don’t lie.

Jamaica Plain’s Ten Tables – one of my top two Boston-area restaurants (along with Oleana) – is expanding to the other side of the river. As a Cambridge resident, I couldn’t be happier. I think I even did a fist pump when I heard the news.

Ten Tables Cambridge opens today at the old Craigie Street Bistrot location and will nearly double the seats of the tiny JP restaurant, which literally fits ten tables. Chef David Punch will split his time between both spots, reports the Daily Candy.

Off the top of my head, here are some highlights from my many visits throughout the years: Sparkling watermelon juice, beet and blue cheese salad (made me a beet convert), garlic soup, “autumn” gnocchi with acorn squash, chestnuts, nutmeg, and glorious magical bacon (best meal ever). Oh and polenta topped with chocolate sorbet. They’ve also got unpretentious servers who know their stuff, and chefs who routinely bring free samples to your table and tell you about their newest creations. Nice ambience too.

You must go there. 

Ten Tables Cambridge, 5 Craigie Circle, Harvard Square, Cambridge, 617-576-5444 or tentables.net


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