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Over the last several months, I’ve become a huge fan of Andrew Zimmern and his fantastic show Bizarre Foods. Tuesdays have evolved into a sort of Andrew Zimmern day in our household. “Where’s Zimmern tonight?”

If you don’t know, the premise of the show is that each week food critic/ chef/ culinary adventurer Andrew Zimmern finds himself in a new country or region, and he samples from the more outlandish, odd and downright weird menus of the culture. And you don’t know from weird until you’ve followed along on his adventures. Teriyaki-filled Madagascar hissing beetles? Check. Still-beating heart of various animals? Check.

Hell, one episode, they caught a yellow-fin tuna, and then cut it up right on the boat and had the freshest sushi you can imagine. Then he had the tuna’s still-beating heart. Then he and the ship captain starting gnawing on the tuna’s eyeballs.

Okay, it can be a bit gross at times, and the squeamish may be well-advised to tune elsewhere. But Zimmern is a charismatic, lovable host whose love of food is intoxicating, and his deep appreciation of the way each culture learned to use the food available to it enables him to be brought deeper and deeper into the cultures.

Tuesday nights on the Travel Channel there is usually a block of episodes, but generally the 10pm (est) episode is a new episode. Tonight he’s in Morocco, which must be new… I don’t remember seeing it, so I guess it’s new to me!

It’s a lot of fun, check it out.

host Andrew Zimmern, one of my new heroes

host Andrew Zimmern, one of my new heroes


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