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Explore his house on mushrooms.

Explore his house on mushrooms.

Brenda Garcia isn’t the only TLOS’er excited about Joshe Henry’s return to Boston. I’m also a fan, though I did not immediately “get” his unique artistic vision. I can, however, tell you the exact moment I did.

It was a few years ago at the Abbey Lounge. We came expecting a Joshe Henry concert, so we were surprised to see two grown men — Joshe and his bassist, Richard — take the stage in amazing DIY robot costumes (like the photo above, except with masks) and go on to perform a 40 minute set consisting of unemotional synthesizer drone music and wordless Sigur Rós-like falsetto vocals. At the end of their set, they began excitedly throwing individually wrapped gifts into the audience, which, when opened, yielded either a stack of coffee filters or slices of Wonder Bread.

These mysterious travelers, Joshe would later explain, were a band called Willoughby. They had come from a planet where time does not exist and explored the universe looking for a planet that would accept their music — they couldn’t find one, so they settled on Earth (Argentina, specifically).

I was an instant convert. Hopefully, after reading the following list — and downloading his album Gimmie Some More Cocaine (below) — you will be too.

Top 10 Joshe Henry Song Titles

10. Feeding You Bugs – from Joshe Henry vs. Crotche Henry (2007)

9. Disrobing Of An Elf – from The Deal Breaker (2007)

8. I’m Filling Your Hole Now – from Prisoner Of Hate (2006)

7. Puke-Cumber – from Non-Dairy Dreamer (2000)

6. You Can’t Make Love To A Redneck Girl – from The Double Eye Patch (2008)

5. Plant Training School – from Wet Sweatshirt Contest (1999)

4. Explore My House On Mushrooms – from Different Dimensions (2007)

3. It Burns When I Pee – from Right Now I Am Totally Fucked (2001)

2. Gimme Some More Cocaine – from Gimme Some More Cocaine (2006)

1. Why Do Billy Joel Keep Be Calling My House? – from Right Now I Am Totally Fucked (2001)

Who is Joshe Henry?

Download: Gimmie Some More Cocaine

Full discography.

Now you make your own list!


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It’s officially spring!  Hurray!  Congratulations to those of us who managed to survive yet another soul-destroyingly cold winter in Boston.

In celebration of the warmer weather, I’ve put together a hip-hop playlist designed to make you feel badass while driving around with your windows down. However, I’m fairly certain it will encourage general badassery no matter your vehicular status.

Driving While Awesome: A Hip-Hop Playlist for The Whitest of Indie Kids

1.  N.Y. State of Mind – Nas (Illmatic)

The first track of a seminal hip-hop album.

2. Ms. Fat Booty – Mos Def (Black on Both Sides)

This song causes automatic dance-like symptoms.

3. Flashing Lights – Kanye West (Graduation)

Totally hypnotic and strange.  The (scary/weird) video can’t be embedded for whatever reason, but you can see it here.

4. Food, Clothes, Medicine – Aesop Rock (Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives)

Aesop Rock is fucking great, and if you can get past the porn samples in this song I promise you’ll love it.

5. Rock And Roll – Edan (Beauty & the Beat)

Edan is a Berklee alum – way to represent!  The only video I could find of this involves skinny Germans dancing around.  I think I’m OK with that, though.

6. Kingdom Come – Jay-Z (Kingdom Come)

I can’t get over the Superfreak sample in this one.

7. Got Your Money – ODB (Nigga Please)


8. Shakey Dog – Ghostface Killah (Fishscale)

The totally intense first track off a totally intense album.  Highly recommended.

9. Ride Around Shining – Clipse (Hell Hath No Fury)

I don’t know what to say about this song except that I love it.

10. Fu-Gee-La – The Fugees (The Score)

I’m going to wrap it up with another seminal track from a seminal album…this song does not get old.

Anyone have any to add?

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