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I am completely obsessed with baja tacos from Olecito in Inman Square.  Not five hours after I gorged myself on Sunday brunch at the Plough & Stars (fantastic) I had a massive craving that couldn’t be ignored.


These tacos are filled with batter fried shrimp, pickled cabbage, cilantro pesto, and chipotle mayo.  I had them with chips and chipotle salsa.  I love these tacos so much that I even forgave the excellent folks at Olecito for FORGETTING TO GIVE ME MY GUACAMOLE.

Alright.  Maybe I’m still a little upset.


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I visit New York City fairly frequently.  I have some beloved family and friends in the big city, Brooklyn in particular, and am often in need of an escape from Boston.  Ever since I was introduced to the Merritt Parkway I’ve shunned the Fung Wah and the Lucky Star and driven myself.  This last trip was especially fun.  I went to a DIY loft show/benefit in Bushwick, spent Valentine’s Day listening to an acoustic show at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse at Columbia University, celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Union Square Cafe, and ate lots of brunch.

Brooklyn’s pervasive and overwhelming hipster aesthetic makes for truly excellent people-watching.  I know this is a generalization – I just go to the especially hip areas, naturally.  Every trend and soon-to-be-trend and not-even-a-chance-of-becoming-a-trend is on amazing and vibrant display (I DID see some white Ray-Bans – I think they’re still hip – see Brenda’s post).  Strange and hideous 80’s glasses, fedoras, neon American Apparel sweatshirts, retina-destroying thrift store combinations, ironic mustaches, general ironic dishevelment, and lots of these guys, are everywhere.  The armchair socioanthropologist in me was thrilled – as was the gastronome, the musician, and the shopaholic.

In no particular order, here are some of the new places I enjoyed for sociological research, food, and shopping.

The Postcrypt Coffeehouse

This is a strange and lovely little acoustic listening room in the basement of a cathedral on the Columbia campus (which I realize has nothing to do with Brooklyn, but whatever). There was an enthusiastic and attentive built-in crowd, which made the performer very happy.  They also responded well to being plied with heart-shaped cookies.  Musician friends – this is a very good way to get people to sign your mailing list.


I almost had a heart attack wandering around Whisk.  I wanted every adorable (yet useful! and not overly expensive!) kitchen item in this place.  I’m sure that having a kitchen store this nice in Williamsburg is some kind of sign of the apocalypse or whatever, but fuck it.  Sign me up.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Beautiful people making beautiful chocolate.  Their factory is soon to be open regularly on weekends for tastings.


I can’t speak to the dinner menu here, but the brunch was incredibly cheap – $8 for amazing eggs Benedict with the best Hollandaise sauce I have ever had.  It was fluffy, somehow.  I don’t know if that sounds appetizing, but I assure you – it was delicious.


Another totally awesome and not-overly-expensive brunch place, this one in Prospect Heights.  Best quiche Lorraine ever.

So go!  And let me know how you like some of these places, and if you have any other suggestions.  I am DEFINITELY absolutely undoubtedly going to write about food in Boston/Cambridge soon, it’s just a question of narrowing it down.

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Who doesn’t love The Onion? Certainly I don’t not love it, but I think I love their AVClub even more.  Today, in their taste test of weird packaged foods from around the world, they take on odd flavored british crisps.  And apparently they taste as odd (bad) as they sound,  which produces some great descriptions – like the one used for this headline…

The complete quote is Builder’s Breakfast punches you in the face with egg, in defiance of God Himself, then dares you to keep tasting its wretchedness.

But why stop there?  Other crisps include Fish & Chips, Crispy Duck and Hoisin Sauce, Chocolate & Chilli, and the perplexingly named (as if the previous weren’t enough) Cajun Squirrel.

Wonder what sorta dip or salsa would go best with Cajun Squirrel…

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And so it begins

what it is that is beginning, I’m not exactly sure at this point.  but it is something, and that’s something.  I think it’s something that will involve music.

In fact, it will definitely involve music.  The creation of, the performance of, the slobbering over, the championing of… etc etc.  It will also involve film.  Perhaps not so much the creation of film, but the commenting on, the touting of,  the analyzing of, etc as well.

And other esotera.   By myself and several other folks, who happen to be musicians/writers/artists and day slummers.  And hopefully we’ll have something at least mildly interesting here.  and hopefully you – the reader – assuming you actually exist –  will agree or disagree or somewhat agree, but not with that middle part no way, that shit is just plain crazy… but you’ll COMMENT on it.  We’ll talk, shoot the breeze, sling mud, and generally enjoy our time here on the internets.  and maybe learn about some new music.  or old music.  or art films.  or crappy summer camp comedies.  or, you know, whatevs.

so, yikes! and AWAAAAAY!

Robin Hood Daffy

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