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I'm a Boston area musician/ producer. I play in bands, record music, score films, teach music and more. And for a long time, for me "cooking" really meant "heating up." Of course, I had a couple of dishes that weren't heated up, pre-packaged things, but these were the exceptions and I was almost always happy to let someone else do the cooking. In late 2008 I was laid off from my IT job and I decided to start cooking -- REALLY cooking -- for my girlfriend and me. I set out to expand my palette and my culinary horizons, learn some skills and to cook healthy (or reasonably so at least, but sometimes you have to have cheese cake, am I right?) and economically. It's not cooking school, but I'm having fun and I've gotten pretty good along the way. I've got a lot to share, but I've still got a lot to learn, too. So let's do it together and share the love. Happy cooking! -Joe

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