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Paragon Carousel in Hull, MA

Paragon Carousel in Hull, MA

Jeff Mangum, leader/singwriter of 90s Elephant 6 Collective band Neutral Milk Hotel, dubbed by online magazine slate, as indie rock’s JD Salinger, and his band, want YOU to help save a carousel in Hull, MA.  At least, according to Gawker, Pitchfork, and a host of other music/entertainment blogs only slightly more in the know than us TLOS folk (by the way, Sophie, lemme know when you’ve returned the TLOS Jet to our private airfield.  I’d like to do breakfast in Iceland in the morning).

At least Jeff endorses the passionate letter written by NMH bass/moog/banjoist Julian Koster:

April 30, 2009

The Paragon Carousel is a beautiful machine that has been my dear neighbor for many moons. Now 81 years old, it is in need of a little love and attention in order for it to survive.

It is my sincere wish for the Paragon Carousel to be a part of the magic of long seaside summer afternoons for many years to come. But it might not get to.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the great whirling contraptions of mechanical music and light are not as profitable to operate as other things, and carousels are worth much more taken apart and sold in pieces to museums, where one must pay to look at them behind glass, rather than having them simply existing in the world that we now all share.

I spoke with Jeff and Scott and Jeremy about this and they agreed that I should, on behalf of Neutral Milk Hotel, make an appeal to the good people who might have enjoyed the music made over the years, because we think you’d understand especially, and want to help.

We humbly ask you to vote!

The Paragon Carousel is competing with 24 other historic Massachussettes buildings for a grant of $100,000. The historic site with the most votes wins, and anyone anywhere can vote. We would love it if by our collective effort we could ensure the continuation of this grand place. It only takes a moment and you can do so here

You are allowed to vote once a day until May 17th. Your vote means a great deal to all of us at Elephant Six. Places like this are so special. They deserve to exist in the same world that we do. So we can visit them with our bodies, not just our memories and dreams.

We’d like to thank you for your help and for spreading the word.

-Julian Koster with Jeff Mangum on behalf of Neutral Milk Hotel

No word on whether or not a potential reunion show would/could occur on said carousel, once it’s saved.  Could be dizzying if you ask me.


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delicious and elixir-like

delicious and elixir-like

Yes, I’m sure it’s news to none of you that bacon is the finest, tastiest food known to mankind. (and if it is news, well, now you know.)

But news out of Northern England last month, from Newcastle University’s Center For Life, is that it has scientifically been proven that bacon is a miracle cure for a hangover.  Or so says the London Telegraph.

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When he’s not out presidenting our country, playing basketball, or pelting sad looking kids in the face with snowballs, Barack Obama can be found on Facebook, sending friend requests to Axis of Evil countries, posting torture memos, and other tomfoolery. Yesterday, Slate.com posted the first 100 days of the president’s Facebook news feed. There are many LOLz moments (Joe Biden completed the quiz Which sexy man are you? with the result “Joe Biden.”), though the best part is the spot-on parody of Bobby Jindal’s universally panned, Mr. Rogers-like State of the Union response: “Why hello! Didn’t see ya there. So what’s the deal with volcano spending?? Say, wanna ride in my ice cream truck?”

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Yeah, I know – there’s about a million YouTube clips of tweaked out machines playing robo versions of popular music. But this one was so totally rad that I had to share. Original post at The Walrus. And thank you, Justin Snow at Anti-Gravity Bunny, for the Tweet.

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Boston.com is reporting that two young brothers from Lowell, MA, who became sick after a trip to Mexico have tested positive for – wait for it – swine flu. The reader comments, of course, are totally unsympathetic, and some are flat-out mean. Here are some highlights:


“It’s all George Bush’s fault….”

“Maybe they should have thought twice about taking that seemingly fun ‘pig ride’…”

“Ewww, those JERKS! Get them out of here!”

“Why in the hell would they go to Mexico makes no sense…unless they were visiting ‘daddy'”

“unbeliavable!! no cases in New England…but this lady has to bring her 2 scummy kids home to Lowell with it…Gee, thanks. they havent been to school so the disease is contained right? What about all the doornobs they touched at the airport the cab they coughed in on the way home!!!”


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An oldie but goodie from superpoop.com:


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gigboston1Last weekend, Sophie and I embarked on a four-day, TLOS expense account-draining road trip that led us from Boston through scenic New York (upstate, central, and western; it’s not all upstate, people – look at a damn map!), Pennsylvania’s famed “chimney” region, and our final destination: Oberlin, Ohio. Those of you following our Tweets should already be familiar with the trip’s highlights (notably Waffle House, blue cheese dressing, shuffleboard, my opera singing little brother, etc) and, rest assured, each will be revisited in a series – wait, no, a smattering (best word ever) – of thrilling posts in coming days. 

This post, however, will spotlight a local band whose music (incidentally) is the perfect soundtrack to driving the coast of Cayuga – New York’s longest Finger Lake – to Ithaca for Thai food and waterfalls.

This band is called Shoney Lamar and the Equal Rights – and they’re performing tonight – for three measly dollars! – at the Central Square’s underrated All Asia, 334 Mass Ave. 8:00 p.m. doors; music at 9:00. 

We hope you enjoy their dark, bluesy, Tom Waits meets The Pixies, blood-splattered strumming hand intensity as much as we do. They’re performing with the similarly Waits/Pixies-influenced Kingsley Flood (which, at full disclosure, features me on bass), Stargraph, and Climbing Ardeshir. This shindig celebrates the release of a new literary arts magazine called Gigantic Sequins. Culture yourself here.  

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